Welcome to Jacelyn Cane’s home page. Find out more about the author who wrote Mom and Dad’s Martini’s – a memoir that will take you into light and dark places and will make you laugh and cry. It is ultimately a tale about the toll that alcohol takes on a family. It is a story about resilience, forgiveness, love, and hope.


Mom and Dad's Martinis is a courageous, beautifully written account of Ms. Cane's challenges, as they pertained to growing up with alcoholic parents. But far from being an accusatory tale, it has love and acceptance woven throughout. This book is written with humour, compassion and most of all hope--for others who may find themselves in the same situation. A great read, and a wonderfully inspiring book. ​
- Julie
I couldn't put this book down and read it in one day. You will laugh and cry while you read this memoir. Despite the heartbreaking scenes of emotional and physical abuse, love and forgiveness shine through. The writing is very good and the author tells a riveting story, sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes you cant help but laugh out loud. I was able to make many personal connections to this story and identified strongly with Jackie, the main character. I highly recommend this wonderful memoir. ​
- Marjie
Mom and Dad’s Martini’s is a powerful and deeply honest memoir that opens the door for families to talk openly about the insidious impact that alcohol can have on every small and big moment in life. The book is chocked full of stories filled with shenanigans, music, nature and affluence and, of course, alcohol. Although trauma and pain are pervasive themes, deep love, commitment and the promise of healing are always present. A must read! Bravo Jacelyn Cane! ​
- Jodi